About Us

Our “full-day” Pre-K plan consists of financially supporting a six and one-half hour school day,  transportation to and from school* and breakfast and lunch for 180 days of high-quality academic instruction and social-emotional support.  Each student is assessed within 30 days of admission according to the Florida Department of Education standards. Mid-year tests are conducted and finally, year-end assessments are administered to compare students entering Kindergarten with a “full-day” Pre-K experience to those who did not attend. Current data shows that 68% **of the children who completed our “full-day” Lift Putnam! funded program are found to be “Kindergarten ready” as compared to 53% within the state. Families who can afford it can enroll their children in this full-day program for $180 per month; however, poverty-stricken families have difficulty financing this in full.

The more money we invest in these disadvantaged children, the more money will be saved later. “Full-day” Pre-K helps kids not only with cognitive and academic development but also with sound social and emotional foundations. As kids become better prepared, their test scores and graduation rates improve. So too, will our individual school and district grades. Better school ratings will attract a diversity of families who will bring their children and businesses to Putnam County. This, in turn, will enhance our quality of life!