Putnam County is one of the most challenged counties in Florida, suffering from high unemployment, stagnant growth, diminishing house-hold income and a stressed school system.

Our current goal is to fund the immediate needs of our district’s Pre-Kindergarten school children and to be an agent of positive change in the delivery of education in Putnam County, Florida.



Welcome to Lift Putnam, Putnam County’s Education Foundation. Although we begin this school year under difficult circumstances, the Lift Putnam! mission has not changed. We are an organization dedicated to helping provide a Full Day Pre-K learning experience to children in our community. During these trying economic times, many parents do not have the money needed to send their children to Full Day Pre-K. That is where Lift Putnam! steps in to provide the funds needed for these young students to attend, and benefit from, the Full Day Pre-K learning experience. Join with us in helping educate the next generation of Putnam County students. Your donation is tax deductible. If I can answer any questions, please call me.

Mike Perry, Executive Director